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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Mega-popular Downtown designer Alexander Wang and his brother/business partner just got hit with a $50 million dollar lawsuit yesterday, filed by thirty of their employees who claimed to be working under 'sweatshop conditions' at Wang's Chinatown production location. Allegations go on to state that the staff were forced to work sixteen or more hours in a windowless room without overtime pay and threats of termination if they tried taking breaks. One 56-year old employee of 3 years, Wenyu Lu, even had to be hospitalized after passing out at his work station, where he worked a supposed 25 hours straight to perfect leather trousers. It seems that the lawsuit has yet to be served, but the designers camp adamantly denies all claims anyway. According to the plaintiffs lawyer however, a majority of apparel brands settle out of court in these cases to avoid bad publicity - which is exactly what many are already predicting is gonna happen with this one.